The Princess and the Toad {Mr. Toad}


Panchito: It's nothing like I expected, but I'm still anticipating good things. Jun 4, 2019 18:31:36 GMT -5
Nick Wilde: Well, I had a thread idea now that Galaxy's Edge is opened in Disneyland. Jun 5, 2019 16:50:31 GMT -5
Nick Wilde: And figuring things out with it, considering how that land is operating. Jun 5, 2019 16:59:12 GMT -5
Basil: All I know about it is what I read. I won't be able to visit until 2020 (in Florida). Jun 6, 2019 19:16:55 GMT -5
Nick Wilde: Aye. I am hoping to visit sometime t his year. Or early next year. I really, really,really, want to go there. Jun 7, 2019 21:57:51 GMT -5
Nick Wilde: But so far from what I read, it is good. The most immersive Disney ever did. Cast members actually having a backstory and name in the setting, characters constantly interacting with the guests in-character... Jun 8, 2019 8:49:33 GMT -5
Nick Wilde: Guests actually being encouraged to make their own story, and play a part in the land.. Jun 8, 2019 8:50:01 GMT -5
Nick Wilde: And also has an app to allow guests to actually do things more. Jun 8, 2019 8:54:23 GMT -5
Nick Wilde: Of course, I imagine our characters checking it out in it's full glory. Jun 8, 2019 8:58:20 GMT -5
Judy Hopps: An app...Disney didn't bother to make their app to work on my phone. Jun 8, 2019 11:23:19 GMT -5
Jiminy: Apologies for the extended absence, all! I finished up graduation stuff and immediately have to launch into college program prep so I've been busy as of late. I'm really hoping to get back on top of things soon. Jun 8, 2019 15:44:41 GMT -5
Papá Héctor: Lol aww that darn phone :/ And welcome back, Jiminy! <3 Jun 8, 2019 15:52:09 GMT -5
Papá Héctor: Congratulations on your graduation! Yayy! <3 Jun 8, 2019 15:52:58 GMT -5 *
Nick Wilde: Congrats Jiminiy. :) And aye. Hopefully can get it to work, with the app. Jun 8, 2019 16:03:42 GMT -5
Basil: Woo! Jun 8, 2019 16:26:38 GMT -5
Coco Rivera: Congrats also Jiminiy! Jun 8, 2019 20:43:40 GMT -5
Lefou: I hope it was okay to finish off that Gaston thread. It just seemed like an ending. Jun 11, 2019 19:52:16 GMT -5
Gaston: It's okay if you want to! I definitely want more threads with Lefou though! Can't escape me that easily ;D Jun 12, 2019 22:42:18 GMT -5
Ronno: Belated congratulations Jiminiy! Jun 13, 2019 20:21:08 GMT -5
Gadget: Spent all day at the flea market, and too tired to post. See you tomorrow. Jun 15, 2019 21:27:20 GMT -5
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