Professor Ratigan


Rapunzel: hi flint! Apr 23, 2015 4:46:35 GMT -5
Rapunzel: Oh, it's you, Luna. haha picking up another character, are you? Apr 23, 2015 4:47:39 GMT -5
Basil: Hello, Taran, nice to hear from you again. I was always sorry you never finished your app. I thought your English was probably good enough to post. Apr 23, 2015 17:14:32 GMT -5
Taran: Hello, Basil! Yes is me, Len! I am glad to see you! Aww, I was always so sorry I never finished my app! :( Thank you so much, you are very kind *hugs* Apr 23, 2015 22:02:42 GMT -5
Taran: I would love to return here but now work has become terrible and I, just by chance, started to RP as Frollo. Now he dominates my mind, so I could apply for Frolls, however he is quite dangerous, like Disney Park could be burned down D: Apr 23, 2015 22:04:02 GMT -5
Alice Kingsley: I personally think a good villain like Frollo would make a great addition to some stories, so long as the Disney Park doesn't end up burning down. (Can't have that happen to the happiest place on Earth!) Apr 23, 2015 22:24:12 GMT -5
Taran: Yes, but the Frolls is unpredictable. I have been RPing as him for about 4 years and he is more friendly nowadays but he was cause of much grief (in the name of God, f course) previously. Apr 23, 2015 23:45:10 GMT -5
Taran: The Disney Park would be attempted to be destroyed, just think about the clothes the visitors wear and all the modern contraptions! Apr 23, 2015 23:45:48 GMT -5
Taran: And then, he would try to end the other Disney villains and heroes who indulge the practice of dark arts (magic, evil or not). Apr 23, 2015 23:48:17 GMT -5
Taran: Then, the lustful. Apr 23, 2015 23:50:44 GMT -5
Taran: The lustful ways. Apr 23, 2015 23:50:59 GMT -5
Taran: I apologize, it has been 3 years of RPing. Apr 23, 2015 23:56:21 GMT -5
Marahute: @rapunzel Yeah, I thought Flint could use some love, seeing as he's got an awesome design and he's so under-developed. :P Apr 24, 2015 3:08:16 GMT -5
Gaston: Gaston's looking for a new 'posse.' Step right up folks. Apr 24, 2015 17:41:49 GMT -5
Basil: I know the Capt. Flint app is unfinished, but I hope "Age: Pretty old, looks to be somewhere in his 30's" is a joke. Better not offend your admin (who is older than dirt) if you know what's good for you ;) Apr 24, 2015 17:43:57 GMT -5 *
Rapunzel: Yeah, 30's isn't old, not to me at least. my parents and my boyfriend are all over 30, and none of them are old. Apr 24, 2015 20:35:11 GMT -5
guest: hello site. Apr 24, 2015 20:44:24 GMT -5
Rapunzel: hello guest! welcome! Apr 25, 2015 2:55:19 GMT -5
Marahute: Haha, I actually put that because I wasn't sure of his age, seeing as he's been dead for goodness knows how long. :P I'll try and re-word lol :D Apr 25, 2015 4:20:52 GMT -5
Rapunzel: hey Alice Apr 25, 2015 9:19:42 GMT -5
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