Professor Ratigan


Guest: I have so much muse for many characters! it is so hard to choose! how many can i make? is there a limit? Aug 29, 2015 15:41:31 GMT -5
Simba: Nop. Aug 29, 2015 15:42:28 GMT -5
Guest: sweetness! i see there is a kim possible here and man i love that show so much! i think i shall make dr drakken! muahuahuahauhuahua! Aug 29, 2015 15:43:47 GMT -5
Simba: But you need to have at last 10 posts to get a new character. Aug 29, 2015 15:44:27 GMT -5
Guest: oh okay then! do you know if the show american dragin jake long is allowed on here? i like huntsgirl. Aug 29, 2015 15:45:06 GMT -5
Simba: Hum... Actually I don't. But I'm almost sure it is. Aug 29, 2015 15:48:34 GMT -5
Simba: When Basil or Rapunzel are online, they should clear this doubt for us. Aug 29, 2015 15:49:24 GMT -5
Guest: yeah i looked at the rules and it says u don't allow all the disney shows. reason i asked. Aug 29, 2015 15:49:45 GMT -5
Simba: Yeah, I understand. But i'm almost sure this show is allowed! Aug 29, 2015 16:03:40 GMT -5
Guest: yayz Aug 29, 2015 16:57:16 GMT -5
Guest: 1 but i'll probably make drakken first! i love that guy! he's hilarious and one of my favorite disney villains! Aug 29, 2015 16:57:55 GMT -5
Walt Disney: Disney Afternoon shows are allowed, plus later shows that, in the admin's opinion, are a good mesh with the Disney Afternoon shows. Jake Long would not be allowed. I'm afraid it's all totally subject to the admin's opinion. Aug 29, 2015 21:16:12 GMT -5 *
Guest: Aw, that is too bad since Jake Long was one of my favorites. But, Drakken would be allowed, right since I see KP here? Aug 29, 2015 21:56:11 GMT -5
Walt Disney: Yes, anybody from Kim Possible is okay. Aug 29, 2015 22:31:04 GMT -5
Guest: Sweet! I shall work on him then! might have to rewatch some episodes tho for ideas. Aug 29, 2015 22:36:25 GMT -5
Dr. Drakken: Well i started an app under wip section. i'll have to finish it later tho. Aug 30, 2015 5:38:24 GMT -5
Basil: Whose turn is it in "Oh, Bother"? Aug 30, 2015 12:33:05 GMT -5
Dr. Drakken: I can't wait until my app is done and I can plot with all the villains and heroes! Maybe then i can finally defeat kim possible and whatever sidekick she has! Aug 30, 2015 14:09:36 GMT -5
Basil: You have that backwards, Doc. KP is currently serving as Basil's sidekick ;) Aug 30, 2015 14:30:55 GMT -5
Basil: See the finest girl in France make an entrance to entrance...welcome Esmeralda. Aug 30, 2015 14:30:59 GMT -5
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