Barbossa: Friend or Foe?


Dash Parr: I have adjusted both of my posts Jun 1, 2024 19:24:15 GMT -5
Mowgli: I’ve found out that DinoLand U.S.A. will be closing and will be replaced with Tropical Americas. Jun 6, 2024 22:00:30 GMT -5
Basil: I'd heard a rumour to that effect. Thanks for substantiating it. I'll have to add that at some point, after it becomes actual. Jun 7, 2024 17:50:22 GMT -5
Basil: Of course, you'll still be able to get to Dinoland, if desired. Jun 7, 2024 17:50:44 GMT -5
Basil: PM for Jumba Jun 11, 2024 18:19:16 GMT -5
Jumba Jookiba: Replied! Jun 12, 2024 13:01:05 GMT -5
Basil: Hey, Edna, do you remember an old thread where you got a super power from a meteor? Basil & Frollo got powers, too, and fought BHG. What I want to know is: was that before or after the restart? If you recall. Jun 12, 2024 15:18:49 GMT -5
Basil: NVM, I found the thread, and its from 2009. Before the restart, I think. Jun 13, 2024 9:33:14 GMT -5
Basil: Wish I'd had the sense to make note of exactly when that restart was. Or to separate those earlier threads out from the rest. Jun 13, 2024 9:34:01 GMT -5
Jumba Jookiba: I know this was before I was around, or during my hiatus, since I don't recall when we had a Frollo but somehow this also sounds familiar? Jun 13, 2024 20:22:15 GMT -5
Basil: Now that I've learned how to use the search feature on old threads, I'm finding things a lot more easily. Jun 14, 2024 11:04:36 GMT -5
Basil: And, BTW, I'm pretty sure we had 2 different Frollo members, if that helps you. Jun 14, 2024 11:05:06 GMT -5
Jumba Jookiba: New Super Powers thread from Jumba! Jun 14, 2024 19:37:20 GMT -5
Señor Senior, Junior: Takes a lot of thought to choose the right character and the right power. Jun 15, 2024 19:19:51 GMT -5
Basil: I know Junior didn't reveal his power. I have a reason for waiting a bit. Jun 16, 2024 14:41:12 GMT -5
Jumba Jookiba: Ooh I can't wait to see! Jun 16, 2024 20:09:34 GMT -5
Jumba Jookiba: When Fred did his Super Team tryouts he was suited up as Fredzilla and so Jumba wouldn't recognize just Fred correct? Jun 19, 2024 22:51:45 GMT -5
Basil: Was Jumba with him in the store trying to buy costumes? Because there he revealed his secret identity. Jun 20, 2024 11:09:05 GMT -5
Basil: Great question, though. I have in my notes that Fred knew Jumba, but didn't remember the circs. Jun 20, 2024 11:09:43 GMT -5
Basil: I remembered something today: when the admins did the restart, they moved us to a new URL. So all the threads in the Graveyard are from this incarnation. Jun 21, 2024 11:00:33 GMT -5
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